Planning an intimate backyard wedding?

Below are a couple amazing tips to executing a seamless & beautiful backyard wedding, as
mentioned in our featured RedFin Article.

Simplicity & Elegance

When it comes to a backyard wedding, sticking with simple decoration
that enhances your space will transform it into a beautiful event space.

Try hiring a rental company that does it all to avoid multiple deliveries. A company that can
deliver the day before and pick up the next day will also help alleviate day-of stress!

Restroom Trailers will keep guests out of your house & reduce the need for next day cleaning.

Don’t forget the little things to make your guests comfortable: blankets & heaters for chilly
nights or sunblock & bug repellent for those hot California days. String Lighting & LED candles
are a great (and safe) way to illuminate pathways & outdoor spaces.

Be sure to notify neighbors in advance to avoid noise complaints – if they seem apprehensive, a
few more guests couldn’t hurt!

It doesn’t just stop there, for more tips & tricks – click the link above to see the whole article.
More Questions? Contact our Sales team today to get the ball rolling on your perfect backyard
wedding 🙂

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