Are you just starting out on your wedding planning adventure but you don’t know where to start? Are you trying to figure out what a good value is for the location of your ceremony and reception? How about for the food, bar, flowers, entertainment, photography? Then of course, there’s the rings, attire and the honeymoon.

All of this can be quite overwhelming for a newly engaged couple. Who do you enlist for help, your best friend that loves to plan the most amazing birthday parties? Your sister who is the DIY queen? Or do you take on the task yourself as a part-time job?

The real question is which one of you is a venue expert to guide you towards perfect venue to match your vision and budget. And which one of you has the time to research everything you need to know about each venue? How late can you go? How many hours can you have the venue to allow for set-up, event time and break down? How about noise restrictions; alcohol restrictions; vendor restrictions; catering restrictions; parking restrictions; permits; licenses; insurance and more?!

If you, or a friend or family member is helping plan the whole thing, who is going to step back behind the scenes during the ceremony, reception and dinner to make sure everything goes according to plan or to resolve any hiccups (and they will happen) without notice.

The average cost for a wedding in San Diego is just under $38,000. The ceremony and reception alone approximates 50% of the total cost; another 25% for flowers, entertainment and photography and the final 25% for rings, attire, stationery, etc. The honeymoon is a whole other story.

Okay now we have a stating point but still, how do you go about researching all the vendors, find the best for the best value and bring everybody on the same page?

Simple! The Abbey Catering & Event Design. The Abbey is five-star and world renowned for their savory catering, top-notch vendors and expert wedding planners. The Abbey professionally manages and is headquartered at the historic Cuvier Club located in the downtown village of prestigious La Jolla, across the street from St. James by-the-Sea Episcopal Church and three blocks away from the breathtaking cliff-side Cuvier Park also known as The Wedding Bowl. In addition to the Cuvier Club, they own and operate a newly renovated venue called The Downtown Abbey which comes furnished with rustic farm tables and cross back chairs and quaint wine barrel potted olive trees

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