Paying our Blessing Forward

Our team at the Abbey Catering has been practically unemployed since last March due to COVID. However, we count our blessings daily for our health and for our food security. Although many of us are facing severe financial hardship, we never lost our mission and spirit of helping our neighbors and community. To that end we started at the start of the lock down last year donating weekly meals to unemployed hospitality workers. It was very well received, needed and was certainly appreciated. It felt great to help out those in need especially in our industry. Now we have pivoted and are donating, preparing and delivering around 100 gourmet HOT meals with several face masks to the homeless in San Diego county weekly. We also say hello and have short conversations with them. (At a safe distance since most don’t have masks. They always ask us for masks. ) We distribute these 100 meals usually within 45 minutes just walking several blocks downtown. Our van follows us with the food. The need for more help/food to the homeless is severe.

Based on the severe demand, we are hoping to expand this and open up the opportunity for our community members and neighbors to help by sponsoring meals. Sponsors are welcome to pick up the meals from our kitchen and distribute them on their own or we are happy to do it. We can make each meal for $2.50 in food and material costs. All Labor is donated as me and most of my team are unemployed. Please consider helping us with a weekly donation so we can increase our food delivery count each week. Praying for us all to get through this crisis healthy and without hunger.

Zapher Dajani

President & Founder